Warranty and Liability

Iroz Motorsport Warranty


We stand firmly behind our products. We strive to make the highest quality products available on the market. We use precision tools and advanced computer drafting to stay on the cutting edge of the motorsport world. For any possible warranty claims, the item in question MUST be shipped to us for inspection “as-is”, no third party inspections will be accepted. In order to determine liability, the item must be returned in its unaltered state. Please contact us right away if you feel you have a warranty claim and continue reading below for specifics regarding the types of warranties we offer. 

In-house Fabricated Items:

Our welding is second to none and we take pride in our work. Our items are all hand fabricated and precision fit. We are happy to offer a (1) year warranty on any defect in the workmanship or materials used during the fabrication process. If the item is damaged due to a fault in fabrication or materials we will be more than happy to repair or replace the item and cover any costs associated with shipping. If the item is damaged due to misuse or failure of other items, these will be handled in a ‘case by case’ manner. 


IMS Fuel Pumps:

These fuel pumps are designed for Iroz-tuned Syvecs and Unitronic customers only and are set up accordingly. Utilizing this fuel pump on any other software will void the warranty in its entirety. The pumps are covered under a (30) day warranty to be free of defects or failures, as long as there are no modifications or changes to the pump by the customer. Once a pump has been installed in a fuel tank, the pump can no longer be returned to Iroz. Any pump purchased through Unitronic must be warrantied through Unitronic by contacting [email protected]. For all warranties, logs must be provided to Iroz as well as a description of the nature of the perceived failure. 


Turbo Chargers:

Most of our turbochargers carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and we are subject to the warranty restrictions placed upon us by the manufacturer. For our own in-house assembled turbochargers, we do offer a (6) month warranty. Due to the nature of turbochargers, there are many factors that play key roles in a turbo’s longevity. Stringent quality control makes it highly unlikely that a turbocharger could leave the factory, or our shop, incorrectly assembled, or not up to specifications. A “bad” turbocharger would operate poorly almost from the moment of installation, but a turbocharger which has operated successfully for a period of time, and then fails, almost invariably fails because of a deficiency in the operation of the associated engine systems. 

This warranty is also limited in that it does not apply to any turbo which has been subjected to oil related problems (most commonly oil starvation and/or oil contamination, which are both clearly owner/installer responsibilities), improper installation, foreign object damage, over-speeding of the turbo, misuse, neglect, accidents, any modifications made to the turbo by the purchaser, or if the turbo has been disassembled by anyone other than Iroz Motorsport. Foreign objects entering a turbocharger will also void the warranty, as we cannot be held responsible for these conditions. 

Turbochargers that are not modified by Iroz Motorsport will be covered under the original manufacturer warranty and it is solely at the discretion of the manufacturer to decide how to warranty a claim. This may involve inspections, and disassembly of the unit. Turbocharger Kits that use OEM turbochargers will carry the same warranty policy for both the turbocharger and manufactured goods. 


Crate Engines and Custom Builds:

The motors built here at Iroz are made with the highest levels of precision, research and passion. We require that customers allow us to log a minimum of 400 miles on the engines/vehicles before it is released back to the customer.  Those 400 miles are among the hardest miles we can possibly throw at the engine past break in procedures. This allows us time to ensure that things are dialed in properly and that we can send it back to the customer knowing it is ready to perform. This break in period also allows us to test for any potential faults that we would cover under our warranty. Due to the nature of custom builds and race engines we cannot be liable after our break in period expires, too many factors are out of our control (fuel quality, elevation changes without proper remap, foreign objects, abuse, ect.) Many warranty claims will be taken on a case by case basis as we are subject to the manufacturer warranties ourselves. 


Iroz Motorsport Dyno:

We own and operate a Mainline Prohub Dyno.  Calibrations and software updates are kept up to date, and we use a weather station and use correction factors that adhere to the SAE standards.  Testing and calibration is essential to ensure that all power numbers are correct and accurate.If our products are used on other dynos of other manufacturers, we can not guarantee their output or procedure.  We guarantee that any car will produce advertised figures if run on our dyno. 


Second Hand and Used Product:

Iroz products are the industry leader in innovation and engineering. There are some Iroz products that are sold on the second hand market, and due to the nature of these transactions, Iroz cannot warranty items that were not sold directly from us or our affiliates.


EPA and Emission Compliance 

All Iroz full frame turbo kits and down pipe kits are designed exclusively for off-highway or racing use. Iroz hybrid turbochargers are designed to be fully compliant with all current EPA and Emissions standards, when used in conjunction with catalytic converters and compliant software tunes. It is expected that customers will assume all responsibility for emissions compliance in their respective areas. Iroz assumes no responsibility for emission compliance for customer vehicles, motors, or turbo kits. 


Liability and Indemnification:

High performance vehicles represent a significant risk should they be driven recklessly. Iroz will not be held liable for any actions or damages caused in the operation of customer vehicles or engines. By purchasing our products, customers attest to understand and agree to the usage of the provided vehicle as being limited to track use and off highway use after delivery is completed. Potential injuries arising from motorsport may include but are not limited to: Death, bodily injury, grave bodily harm, dismemberment and property damage. Iroz is not responsible for secondary damage caused by our products. Iroz will honor our warranty on our product as stipulated above but cannot be held liable for damage it might have caused to other components. Iroz Motorsport, its partners or affiliates shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental and contingent damages arising from, but not limited to, the sale, transportation, installation, use or repair of its products. Customers shall be responsible in selecting a reputable installer with current liability insurance to cover any damage that may arise through installation of our products and/or your vehicle. 


The process of delivering these high performance vehicles requires activities such as road testing, testing on a dynamometer, as well as track testing. These activities are designed to take the vehicle to the very edge of performance, and subsequently may result in damage to the vehicle, either cosmetic or internal. In order to complete the testing portion of the build process, it is required that that vehicle be appropriately insured, registered and road ready. 

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