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Injector Dynamics BPC100 Fuel Pump Controller w/1100lph in-tank pump


Injector Dynamics BPC-100 Fuel Pump Controller with 1100lph in-tank pump, includes all in tank plumbing and mounting parts required for 17+ Audi R8 and 15+ Lamborghini Huracan.

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The factory fuel system on the Huracan and R8 is a fairly complex system between the integration of both a direct and port injection systems.  When attempting to make double and triple the factory power figures, it’s easy to understand why much of the fuel system needs to be upgraded, especially for those wanting to take advantage of ethanol based fuels.

With a heavy background in automotive fuel systems, T1 has put together a Complete Fuel Solution in order to address every single aspect of upgrading the fuel system.   The key component in our kit is undoubtedly the Injector Dynamics BPC-100 which is a SINGLE brushless fuel pump system capable of 2,000whp on ethanol fuels and 3,0000whp on race gas. In addition to these impressive power figures the system has the ability to vary pump speed based on fuel demand to avoid overheating the fuel.  One major benefit of using this fuel pump setup with the included hanger components is the ability to mount it in the factory fuel tank, which removes the need for an externally mounted surge tank that many other kits require.  By doing so, and retaining the OE method of keeping the ‘surge tank’ the pump sits in full, full power runs can safely be made with as little as a couple gallons of fuel in the tank.

This system will require the tuner to have control over the PWM signal duty cycle sent to the fuel pump. This is no problem with any standalone, but if you’re using a stock ECU you’ll need to confirm with your tuner this isn’t a problem.   If it is, doing pump speed control relative to a MAP sensor wired in is also possible.

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