IMS Stage 3 Engine Catch Can / PCV Breather kit

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Extreme horsepower applications commonly suffer from excessive Crankcase Pressure. Correcting this results in better engine efficiency and free HP your engine has been holding back.

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While the OEM PCV system on the DAZA based 2.5TFSI does an incredible job at separating oil from the crankcase gases, it starts to be easily overpowered as we increase the boost and horsepower.  As we instrumented 19+ cars, we realized that those cars were significantly worse than the earlier 17-18 cars.  The bulk of this issue was that they use boost to drive a siphon jet that evacuates crankcase better at lower boost levels.  The issue with this design is that it is very undersized for anything over factory power levels.

Extreme boost pressures can result in high Crankcase pressures. This can result in loss of power and engine efficiency under boost. Oil Leaks are common as well as crankcase pressure pushes oil past seals.  We originally decided to come up with a kit to convert 19+ 2.5TFSI engines to 17/18 spec which featured a much larger diameter PCV setup for superior crankcase evacuation, as the 17/18 PCV parts you need are only available if you buy the entire top plate from Audi.  We also wanted to solve the inherent issues with the plastic that warps and creates vac/boost leaks on 17-24 and a new a metal version would correct that.

The factory crankcase ventilation system is a positive crankcase ventilated design. When under Extreme boost levels this translates to excessive pressures reaching as high as 6+ PSI.

We have approached a solution for this that retains the factory Oil separation plate while allowing for full pressure evacuation.  All 3 stages will retrofit 19+ cars to 2017/18 style PCV systems, with a provided cap to delete the boost jet for 19+ cars.

  Already have an IMS Engine Catch Can?  We got you covered, Please see our “Lid Upgrade” option so you can upgrade your existing Engine Catch Can. 


Product Features :

  • IMS Billet Engine Catch Can and Hardware kit
  •  IMS Billet PCV adapter plate
  • IMS Billet Turbo inlet adapter
  • Dual Check Valve design for 1000+HP applications
  • Vented Filter lid
  • Stainless steel Coil Pack Hardware
  • Plug for 2019+ boost reference cars

Note: The Stage 3 PCV upgrade will require trimming of the Factory engine cover. 

Below is an example of a 2019 RS3 that has the oem PCV system in red, with crankcase pressure being shown in the lower graph.  You can easily see that the crankcase pressure affects power.  Using our parts, you can eliminate that crankcase pressure, have less oil pushed into the PCV system, and ultimately get free horsepower back!




Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in



Complete Kit, Lid Upgrade only


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