After Years of development work on the 2.5TFSI, we are proud to announce our XonaRotor 8264S based IMS850 kit for the 8V/8S RS3/TTRS.

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Included in the IMS850S turbo kits:

  • IMS fully backpurged and fixtured stainless manifold. Provisions for single EGT sensor included.
  • XonaRotor 8264S Turbocharger with .82 A/R Stainless steel TiAl exhaust housing.
  • TiAl Sport MV-R 44mm External wastegate
  • IMS boost control solenoid & bracket
  • 4” Turbo inlet with factory connections for Crankcase ventilation. (optional 3.5″ available for RHD vehicles only) Please contact sales directly for RHD vehicles.
  • 33.5″ stainless downpipe with flex sections, wastegate tie-in and o2 provisions
  • V-band clamps for inlet and outlet of turbocharger and downpipe connections
  • Oil/coolant lines for factory connection to block, OEM quality
  • Harness extension for boost valve location
  • New exhaust manifold gasket
  • New hardware for installing kit
Recommended Supporting Modifications:
To extract the most out of your IMS850S kit we recommend the following:

  • IMS Stage 2 Engine build (Pistons, rods, bearings, head studs and other associated hardware/gaskets/consumables. Please see product page for further information.
  • IMS 1000hp Intercooler (Large option)
  • 4” Intake System
  • Syvecs Standalone ECU tuning / Unitronic stage 4 proprietary ECU file
  • Unitronic / Syvecs Stage 4 TCU Software. Developed by Unitronic in conjunction with Iroz specific for IMS Syvecs calibrations.
  • IMS Upgraded Flywheel
  • DEKA upgraded DSG clutch pack
  • IMS Brushless fuel pump unit
  • IMS -8AN fuel line upgrade kit
  • 1300cc port injectors
  • Brisk Racing spark plugs
  • BFI Engine mounts
  • ECE Dogbone mount
Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 16 in



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